4 Kinds of People in the Workplace

Recently, I attended the World Food Expo in SM City Cebu. It wasn’t part of my plan that day, though. I was there to attend the Truly Rich Pinoy Seminar, which I will share in the next blog. The facilitator gave us a pass to visit the expo during our 30-minute break. And it was a productive break-time for me.

While I was wandering around the maze-like array of booths, the people at the expo reminded me of the kinds of people at the workplace. They are the Free-tasters, the Drifters, the Learners and the Exhibitors. Continue reading “4 Kinds of People in the Workplace”

The Bad Teeth in Your Job

Image from ihatemyteeth.com

I have accepted the fact that I don’t have the best teeth in the world, not even in our small Barangay! As a kid, I was never a fan of dentists. I hated them!

The first time I visited a dentist I was trembling in fear. If it wasn’t an employment requirement, I would not have dared to go to the clinic by myself.

“We need to remove 4 of your teeth!” the dentist said joyfully as if he was telling me to remove my socks.

“Is there any other option? Maybe you can repair them or something,” I begged. Four teeth? They would never grow back!

“Yes, we can fill them, but Continue reading “The Bad Teeth in Your Job”