How to Re-ignite Your Life-work Excitement

In your entire employment experience, you often meet people who in some ways become part of your life. You become close to them. You cherish each other’s company. You share each other’s grievances about work.Then one day you just realized that one by one, these people are no longer around. They had moved out of the company. At first, you make fun of it and enjoy the farewell parties as if these are fiestas. But as the loud music from the Videoke and the enchantment of alcohol slowly subsided, you’d also think “why am I still here?” You’d feel a bit jealous of the excitement of your friends’ new journey.


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Then it’d make you think of all the worst of things about your present job. You lose your “appetite” towards your current work. While you focus on updating your CVs and sending them out to prospect employers, you become less productive. You become grumpy. You lose your cool.

Looking for greener pastures outside the company is inevitable. It’s your backup, if all else fails. But it shouldn’t make you less productive in your current work. You spend at least 33.33% of your day at work. What you do and feel in your entire 8-hour job becomes your habit.

Here are some of the things you could try to reignite your excitement to go to work: Continue reading “How to Re-ignite Your Life-work Excitement”