I don’t want to work anymore

“I don’t wanna work anymore!”

I overheard this from a passenger talking to her friend.

Swear! I didn’t intend to listen to their conversations. I was listening to my music. But they were very loud!

“I’ve been working here for 5 months now and it seemed like 5 years!” Continue reading “I don’t want to work anymore”

How to Survive a Boring Training

Have you ever attended a training that seem to deliver people into the slumberland? Lately, I attended a training that was lullaby-ish. The trainers read their slides word for word. The facilitators mumbled their words as if they were deprived of air. When someone raised a question, their faces turned vampire-pale as if they were about to be hanged off the cliff. One trainer couldn’t even look eye-to-eye with the audience. I wondered to myself how on earth were they chosen as trainers? Continue reading “How to Survive a Boring Training”