I don’t want to work anymore

“I don’t wanna work anymore!”

I overheard this from a passenger talking to her friend.

Swear! I didn’t intend to listen to their conversations. I was listening to my music. But they were very loud!

“I’ve been working here for 5 months now and it seemed like 5 years!” Continue reading “I don’t want to work anymore”

Perhaps this is what they call Adulting…

Worrying eats up our energy and time. When you worry, 8 hours seem like an hour. Everything around you seems to move so fast. You’d feel that you’ve lost so much of your time without doing anything. And you’d get exhausted for doing nothing. That is why I seldom entertain worrying.. Whenever worry or doubt creeps in my mind, I shift my focus on doing something, anything, just to avoid being paralyzed. That is probably how I get productive in a lot of things. Whatever happens, chill! Do something. I learned that from my mentors. Continue reading “Perhaps this is what they call Adulting…”