4 Kinds of People in the Workplace

Recently, I attended the World Food Expo in SM City Cebu. It wasn’t part of my plan that day, though. I was there to attend the Truly Rich Pinoy Seminar, which I will share in the next blog. The facilitator gave us a pass to visit the expo during our 30-minute break. And it was a productive break-time for me.

While I was wandering around the maze-like array of booths, the people at the expo reminded me of the kinds of people at the workplace. They are the Free-tasters, the Drifters, the Learners and the Exhibitors.

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The Free-tasters

Like ants gathering around a piece of candy, there were 15 people gathering around the first booth I visited. I tiptoed to check what they were up to. Free Chocolates!

In another booth, there were another crowd of free-tasters lining up to get free food. Surely, they had fun. And it was fun to watch.

The free-tasters in the workplace are those who come to work only for the paycheck. Sometimes, they would demand a raise in the compensation. They expect to earn more than what they deserve. They love taking long breaks. They indulge in chitchats. They know how to have fun. Fun is good. To enjoy and have fun at work is necessary. It keeps your sanity intact. It will help you survive the most stressful day.

But fun alone is like soda. It makes you feel good because it satisfies your craving. But it contains empty calorie. It may temporarily make you feel good, but in the long term, it’s bad for you.

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The Drifters

There were many people at the expo wandering around aimlessly.

The drifters at work are those who go to work wondering what on earth they are there for. They have no goals. They stay safe in their comfort zone. They don’t dare to speak up. All they look forward to is the time to logout after work. During the first few years of my career, I was also a drifter just like the way I roam around the expo without a goal in mind.

Our work eats up so much of our time. If we stay drifters all our work life, we end our life not accomplishing something great. Life is great. To have a great life, we should spend our time well.

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The Learners

There were 3 booths that offered free lessons. There were people gathering around listening intently at the demo. Some of them were taking down notes. They are the Learners. They are those who see seize the day by learning. They came to the expo to get something precious.  

There are two kinds of learners at work: the Hoarders and the Actors. The hoarders know so much. They’ve been in the company for a long time. However, if you ask them to share their knowledge, they withdraw. So, when they leave, everything they know goes with them. Knowledge is power only when it is shared and put into application. On the other hand, the Actors acquire knowledge and skills by putting what they know into action.

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The Exhibitors

The exhibitors are the performers. They are the most tired, but they also the most fulfilled. At the food expo, I saw one of my friends in a cake booth. From a distance, I watched them demonstrate how to make a no-bake cake. They looked so happy.

The exhibitors are passionate at what they do. When it comes to doing their tasks, they mean business by owning it. They love to explore that when their current situation becomes dull, they are not afraid to leave.

That’s why, the exhibitors at work are rare to find.

Now I ask you. Are you a free-taster, a drifter, a learner or an exhibitor?


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