Leadership is the ability to LIFT

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To lift is to empower people. It is a vital skill a leader must learn to acquire. A leader cannot be leader if he has no team composed of real people, unless he is from another planet.

People are a little emotional sometimes, especially when faced with personal challenges. Their performance is often affected by what they feel and experience. When they feel happy or excited, they become productive. When they experience heartbreak or loss of a family member, their motivation tends to drop. Even leaders can also get emotional. They’re humans, too! According to a citation published in Global Journal of Human Social Science, a leader’s emotions influence the group members’ emotions. When the leader spreads enthusiasm, the group becomes enthusiastic. When the leader spreads toxic vibes, the group also becomes toxic.

Regardless of emotions, your team is expected to deliver the output. And as a leader, it is your duty to empower your members to perform their best.

Also, when team members do something excellent, make sure to point it out. It will boost their morale and encourage them to repeat what they’ve done. They’ll strive to be excellent.

Recognition is a secret desire of everyone. People want validation of what they do. A simple thumbs up or a post-it with “Good Job” message makes an impact.

As a leader, it is your duty to L-I-F-T.

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Lead by example.

Even if you are new in your leadership role, you are expected to lead the team. But you can’t expect everyone to simply follow your orders just because you are their manager. Unless you own the business and the people salary is from your own pocket, people will look for clues and reasons why they should follow you and your orders.

Your success as a leader depends on your team’s participation. You have to win their support. Some managers rely on Martial Law and claim “I am your boss. You should follow my orders!” Martial Law is the thing of the past. It is no longer effective today. People have become wiser and more inquisitive about following orders.

To win their support, you have to show them you are worthy of their trust and support.

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Inspire your team members.

Every person has a trigger. It is something that when you start talking about it, people will stop what they do just to listen to you.

Show that you genuinely care for the things that your team members care about. If you listen to what they have to say, they’ll feel respected. In return, they will also respect you.

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Find other potential leaders.

It is important to look for potential leaders to step up and take a lead role especially when the leader is not around.

Some managers ignore this skill. They think they are irreplaceable. They feel threatened that someone might take their place.

If there are team members with leadership potential, it is your duty to mold them and help them discover their full potential.

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Take action.

It is not enough that you tell your members to do something. You also have to show the willingness to also do it yourself. As a captain of the ship, it is not right to tell your crews “let’s jump!” but you don’t. Demonstrate your leadership through your actions not only through words. They may listen to what you say but they will ultimately measure your character by what you consistently do.


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