Franklin Vios

To Quit or Not to Quit?

Dear Fellow Millennial Employee,

My name is Franklin Vios. I am an author and I am a full-time employee. 

Like most people, I thought that after college I'd be solving some problems that could change the world. That's what Engineers are supposed to do, right? 

I remember when I took my first job as a Process Engineer in Cebu, I was so excited to go to work. My work shift was at 5 AM but I made sure that I was in the office before 4:30 AM.

But that didn’t last long.

Months went by.

Going to work became a burden. Waking up at 4 AM became almost impossible.

When I was permitted to change to the 2PM shift, I became excited to work again. Later on, I realized that in that shift, problems were worse. I would usually go home at 1AM.

It was hopeless.

I thought that when I get a job, I could do anything. That I would be happy. And fulfilled.

“Why am I wasting my life here? Why am I here doing a job that has nothing to do with being a Computer Engineer!”

“I can’t live a life like this,” I said to myself. “I have to get out of here!”

Hoping for a more fulfilling job, I transferred to another company as a Programmer.

“I wanted to expand my background in Computer Engineering!” I must have convinced the hiring manager.

What more could a Computer Engineer ask for but to do Programming, right? It was a DREAM come true. It was my DREAM job! My career would be truly exciting now. My life would be better.

I was wrong.

Just months after working as a programmer, I felt the same feeling again.

“There must be a better job for me out there!”

Besides, the pay wasn’t enough. I couldn't even pay the rent of my boarding house on time.

“If I could have a higher salary, I would be happier!”

I begged. I prayed. I sent more resumes through jobstreet, jobsdb, etc. Every, I bought newspapers and read only the Classified Ads section.

Finally, after months of waiting, I landed on a job with 3 times more than my previous salary. Dream come true. This is it! Everything would be perfect now.

Or so I thought.

It was like Dejavu.

Same thing happened. I felt disappointed with my job. And myself.

It was only Monday but I was already looking forward to Friday. This went on for weeks. Months. Years.

To quit or not to quit? I am always faced with this dilemma even up to now. Especially when a colleague resigns!

Like the popular adage, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. But I love its variation more that says the grass is greener where you water it. Thus, wherever you are, you can still flourish if you choose to.

It sounds easy. It's hard. But it's doable. It takes a lot of effort. Literally and figuratively, watering the grass takes a lot of effort.

Like most millennials, I get easily burned out at work. Perhaps it's just a millennial thing!

But when you get burned out at work, it doesn't always mean you need to resign right away. 

Assess your job. Assess yourself. Give your job a second chance. 

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