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“Why would I pay for a membership in Truly Rich Club if I could get free stock market updates from everywhere on the internet?”

I get this question a lot. Well, that was my question, too, before I decided to join Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club 5 years ago.

Who doesn’t want free stock market tips? Everyone wants free of course. You can find Facebook Groups sharing free stock market updates. In the first place, everything is accessible and free on the internet.

So, yeah, I joined Facebook Groups of “stock market investors.” I did what some “stock market gurus” from the FB groups have advised. “Make your own tabulation and interpretation.”

In the first place, COL Financial has their own suggested stock picks on their website. All you need to do is copy all the suggested stocks into an excel spreadsheet and make some computations based on several factors, like P/E ratio, price, etc.

I did that for almost a year.

Looking back, here’s what I realized… there is no such thing as “free stock market tips!” Let me explain.

Free stock market tips are good because they are “free.” You don’t pay a thing to get it.


Free advice can also be costly.

Following the free tips from Facebook groups, I’ve spent long hours gathering and analyzing data. The worst part of it is that I did all the interpretations and only God knows that what I was doing was right or wrong. Later I found out that most of my interpretations were wrong.

Case in point: Based on data, I bought shares of some companies. I was confident about it. Besides, many people were hyped up about those companies. So, I thought nothing could go wrong. I was so wrong. In one company, I lost some money. I could have avoided that if I invested in learning how to invest in the stock market first. In another company, I endured a heartbreaking “red” for a very long time before I got lucky to sell it with a little gain. I could have earned that money quicker and more if I chose to listen to reliable sources than just rumors.

Another bad thing about relying on free stock market tips is that it teaches you to be dependent. Remember that you can’t hold someone accountable for the result of “free advice.” It is your responsibility whatever decision you make. In my heartbreak experience, I can’t blame those people for giving free advice. I made the decision to follow their advice so it was my responsibility.

Since my paid membership in TRC, I love investing in paid seminars.

“What? Did you attend that seminar? But it’s expensive! Don’t you know that you can get that for free on the internet?”

Oh well…

No wonder, movie piracy remains an unsolvable problem! Why pay for a movie if you can get it free, right? Another topic, but you get the point.

Paid seminars are way better than those you get for free. Let me give you three reasons.

Three Reasons Paid is Better than Free

Reason #1. It develops your abundance mentality.

When you take money from your pocket, it makes you feel like you have something to give. When you anticipate attending a training in the future, it allows you to set a budget for it. It expands your mind to look for ways how to afford the training.

Being a paid member of Truly Rich Club, you don’t just pay for what you get. You also have helped fund a noble cause of helping Anawim, a special home for the abandoned elderly and the poorest of the poor.

There were times I considered stopping my subscription. Spending almost 497 pesos a month for the subscription is not a joke. That’s almost 6000 pesos in a year!

But when I think of helping those in need in some ways, it’s all worth it.

Reason #2. You will meet like-minded people.

In Toastmasters, I spend 5 figures to attend a national convention. With the experience, friendship and network built during the event, it’s all worth it.

I enrolled in a book writing course worth 20+ thousand pesos. Prior to that, I’ve already read books and devoured free courses on Youtube and other free sites. I’ve also been writing since the day I discovered the love of writing. However, if I didn’t enroll in that course, I wouldn’t have completed, published and launched my first book, How to Survive Mondays. The drive and energy of my fellow author classmates were very encouraging. They have also helped my third book, Millennial Marriage, rank number 1 in Amazon for two weeks during its launch.

I also enrolled in 2 Online Business courses, worth 20+ thousand pesos each. Still no regrets about it.

I also enrolled in a guided meditation course. It was expensive! But it was worth it.

There’s something magical about being surrounded by people who have the same intentions as you. You operate in the same wavelength. You feel their energy and it’s contagious. Your progress is faster than when you do things on your own.

The same is true when you join TRC’s paid membership. You get access to premium information in a snap, which you can gather in months researching on your own.

Reason #3. It pushes you to take action.

We buy something to get a return. It’s our nature. Even non-entrepreneurs have a “what’s in it for me?” mindset. Invite them to an event and they’ll ask you questions, like, “What’s that for? What will I get from it? Will it be worth my time and resources?”

If that’s how we react to free events, how much more on something that we spend money on.

We value things we paid for more than those we get for free.

Besides, if the provider is confident enough to charge you for their service, they make it a point that the materials are well-prepared. Else, they get complaints from their paying customers. And they don’t like that to happen. Sometimes, they even over-deliver. So far, this is what I have experienced in all programs that I’ve enrolled in.

For example, in a Truly Rich Club Summit that my wife and I attended, they gave away watches to all attendees. How cool is that?

So, what will you get when you join Truly Rich Club?

My top three favorites are #3, #8 and #11.

Blessing #3, The Wealth Strategies, is a monthly newsletter that contains a 10-15 page content on improving your finances and getting business ideas.

Blessing #8, Affiliate Program, is where you can invite your friends to join and you’ll get a 20% commission. For example, if you join TRC using my link, I’ll earn something from it. It’s a passive income!

Blessing #11, Stocks Update, is an investment guide for the Philippine Stock Market, sent twice a month + ad-hoc updates when urgent events occur in the market. Sometimes, when there are crazy issues causing panic in the media, you will also receive information from TRC on what to do or what not to do. So, while others are panicking, you remain calm.

Plus, all members of TRC have a Term Life Insurance coverage of P100,000! It covers:

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Family Assistance Benefit
  • Accidental Daily Hospital Income
  • International SOS (iSOS) Travel and Medical Assistance

However, I have to warn you.

Truly Rich Club is NOT for everyone!

Who is TRC for?

  1. Employees who want to invest in the stock market. Why? Since they have a regular income, they can afford to invest in the stock market and they can afford to pay the monthly subscription. But they are too busy they don’t have enough time to study the stock market.

By the way, if you’re a bum who happens to read this blog post, I suggest that you work on your cashflow first. How? Well, find a regular source of income.

  1. Beginners in the stock market. I don’t know how you got into investing in the stock market, but you need proper guidance. You will receive hands-on guidance from the Stocks Update of TRC. More than the stock tips, the most important aspect in stock market investing is the right investing habits.

On the other hand, if you’re a stock market trader, TRC might be too boring for you. TRC will teach you the SAM technique. It encourages you to invest long term.

What is SAM?

SAM stands for Strategic Averaging Method. In a nutshell, here are the A-B-C-D concepts for you to remember. Afford. Buy Below Price. Chill. Do it again.

How much can you afford to invest regularly? TRC recommends that you invest in comfortable amounts. But you have to do it regularly.

Buy Below Price is very important in the SAM technique. You only buy shares of a company when its current price remains below the Buy Below Price. Else, you have to chill. Sometimes, you have to learn to just wait for the price to go down again. If the price goes higher than the Target Price, then that’s the time that you sell. Of course, TRC will also remind you to do that.

Once you’ve sold a stock, reinvest the money in other recommended stocks. This is how you take advantage of compounding your previous profit from. Do it over and over again.

Still skeptical?

Well, you better be. It is your money. Whatever you choose to decide, you better put it into action!

Since you’ve read up to this point of my blog, and I thank you for that, it doesn’t end here. There is something that you need to do. If you have decided to join TRC, here is my affiliate link… 

Still looking for more proof?

Still looking and searching for more blogs hoping to find complains and bad reviews about TRC, well, you can find them everywhere…

Remember that reviews are just opinions, including this one. Regardless of what other people might say, your opinion is what truly matters. Again, it’s your money. And it is your life.

If you think TRC is something that will really help you grow your finances and well-being, I encourage you to try it out. Anyway, it has a one-month money-back guarantee. Within that period, you can download everything and if you’re not satisfied, then, ask for a refund. Plus, you can keep everything you downloaded for free if that’s what you want.

Now, the decision is yours. To join or not to join?

Want to learn how? Download this free guide:

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