You're invited to this biggest online event #OverseasFilipinosSummit

Overview of the event...

This is an ONLINE SUMMIT and you can join wherever you are. You can join in the comfort of your own home or office anywhere in the world. Thanks to the gift of technology.

Through the Overseas Filipinos Summit, we want to empower and inspire you and remind you of the following truths.
You are strong.
You have what it takes to grow your finances.
You are blessed.
God loves you.
You are loved.
I’ve interviewed 38 resource speakers who will empower and inspire you to overcome homesickness, financial difficulties, family problems, and many more.
These 38 speakers will empower and inspire you to find joy and strength from within and from God. Sa tulong ng teknolohiya, mapapakinggan nyo ang interviews ko sa 38 na resource speakers natin.
Isa sa kanila ay si Bro. Bo Sanchez.