My name is Franklin Vios. I am a father. A millennial father. It means that I am a hustler. It means that I don’t wait for opportunities to come to me. I create them.

I created this page as a portal to so many opportunities which anyone can take part of.

I’m sharing these opportunities because it feels great to help other people.

I am an engineer doing non-engineering things by day and an author by night. I am an Amazon bestselling author. 

Among my achievements and awards, my top 3 favorites are: 

  • Best Father and Husband in the House

  • First of the Many Children

  • Most Sought-after Friend 

He believes that learning has no ending. After achieving the highest norm in Toastmasters, which is DTM, he continues to actively seek opportunities to self discovery and improvement. He accepts leadership roles, joins training, and participate in different communities in order to continually grow.


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