What is this IMG (International Marketing Group)?

What is this IMG (International Marketing Group)?

Think of it like S&R. You know S&R, right? It’s a membership shopping store. You can only DIRECTLY avail their products if you are a member.

What products do they sell? Well, just some regular products like ice cream, pizza, wellness products, hardware, etc.

But take note: S&R doesn’t manufacture most of the products that they sell. They just distribute them. But they select only QUALITY products to sell in their stores.

Actually, you can buy those products elsewhere. And you don’t need to avail the membership program of S&R.

But why bother joining their membership program?

It is because members enjoy BIG discounts. They know that the products they buy at S&R are of QUALITY. Although they pay for membership, they SAVE a lot in their purchases in the long run.

Oh, by the way, I am not a member of S&R… So, they should thank me for mentioning S&R here… 🙂

Okay, let’s go back to IMG!

Like S&R, IMG doesn’t produce those products that they sell. IMG is simply distributing them.

Can I invest in mutual funds, insurance, real estate, and other financial institutions without joining IMG?

Yes of course! You can invest in financial institutions without joining IMG.

You have 2 options.

Option #1: Choose your preferred company for mutual funds, insurance, real estate, etc. Remember that you will have to go to each company to avail of their products. That’s the edge of IMG members, they can buy those products without hopping from one company to another. IMG offers a one-stop-shop kind of service for its members. And IMG only offers those companies that they know are “of quality.”

Option #2: Just avail the products of IMG without joining as a member. See attached list of products that you can avail. Just go to http://franklinvios.com/download-list/

What’s in it for me (or you) to be a member aside from enjoying the benefits mentioned above?

Aside from the membership discounts that you can avail, your membership in IMG is your way to become a FINANCIAL broker. It means that you can sell the financial products that IMG distributes.

That is if you want to… get commission… for your extra passive income… 🙂

Is IMG pyramiding or networking?

Don’t worry, I had that same question too!

The answer is NO. IMG is not pyramiding or networking.

Maybe the concept of “commission” makes you think that it is.

It is registered in SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), which means that it is legitimate and legal.

I suggest that you do your own research also.

Quick tip: Low risk, high yield, fast cycle investments are usually a scam.

Your membership in IMG does NOT guarantee that you will become the next Henry Sy! It depends on your sweat and blood and diskarte. Henry Sy’s SM didn’t just happen overnight, right?

So, if someone offers you an investment that promises overnight wealth, be wary. Maybe it’s true. But maybe it’s not.

How much is the membership fee?

Php 4,500.00. (It used to be 3,500… )

How much is the renewal fee and what is it for?

Php 1,500.

This is for the renewal of your accreditation as a broker. It’s mandated by law.

All brokers, including those outside of IMG, are required to renew their accreditation.

Or else…

They are not allowed to sell any financial product.

If you can’t sell, if you don’t sell, you don’t earn a commission.

As an active IMG member, if you buy products (CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST), you will also earn a commission from that.

Double benefits right?

It’s like hitting 2 birds in 1 stone!

Before Joining, see the list first if you feel the companies IMG endorses are your likes or dislikes

I trust you, Frank, I’ll join now!

Okay then!

Here’s the link, again…



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