Secret To Saving & Building Your Future

Become Your Own Financial Educator!

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When it comes to securing and saving their future, many good people fail. Many hard-working people fail. Many smart people fail. Many young people fail. Many old people fail. Many teachers fail. Many engineers and doctors fail. Many end up retiring without enough savings. 

These people don’t set out to fail. They do because they fail to plan and manage their personal finances. 

They lack financial education.

Prevailing Mindsets About Money

Many people believe that financial education is only for the wealthy.

Many think that the only solution to financial challenges is to borrow money.

Some say that because they are poor, they don’t need to save.

Many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) work hard for years and still end up retiring poor. OFWs are heroes who sacrifice a lot just to be able to send money and gifts to their families back home. In many cases, the families take for granted just how hard it is for an OFW to earn the money they remit. The families do not know that many OFWs send balikbayan boxes filled with brand-new clothes and shoes that they themselves do not have.

You also hear stories of OFWs investing in businesses for their families in the Philippines to manage. For example, providing money to set up a transportation business, like a car or a jeepney. When it is time to replace the tires of the vehicle, the business cannot pay for it. The family instead, depends on the OFW to pay for the tires. Sa kanya na ang kapital, sa kanya pa rin ang gastos.

So it is a reality that many OFWs who work for 20 to 30 years still end up retiring poor.

Are you an employee? If you are, think of the millions of pesos that actually passed through your hands in the last 20 to 30 years. Every year, you get your 13th month. But can you tell yourself exactly what happened to your 13th month in the past 5 years? Very rarely can people say how and where they put their money. Often, no one can really remember.

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