Download the 23-page Workbook on How to Effectively Grow Your Hard-earned Money

  • Find Out the Important Steps You Must Do Before Investing.
  • Learn to Avoid the Number 1 Habit that Sabotages Your Finances.
  • Discover the Secret to Earning Extra 5-figure by Simply Helping Learn About Saving and Investing.
  • Discover the 6 Levels of Financial Foundation to Financial Freedom.
  • Find Out How to Invest Your Money Without Quitting Your Job Yet.

What People Are Saying About the Book

“It's a quick, powerful read! Vios has systematically and simply laid-out the steps for you to build a solid financial foundation. You'll end up fully informed with the essential things in mind before you would jump in an investment —which might lead you to a disaster if done without heeding the precautions stated in this book. It’s a practical guide for parents, couples, and breadwinners alike towards a financially free lifestyle.”
“Eye-opening… the author’s wise and praticable ideas grounded in his ideas actual experience give young couples a way to a stress-free wedding preparations. Highly readable.”
Jet Elnar
"I'm inspired with awe, genuinely amazed on how you explain things."
Lijon N. Carullo
Registered Nurse
"Thank you for the opportunity to read this beautiful and eye-opening book of yours. As a millennial, we need to be prepared when getting into a marriage life. This is worth reading."
Darwen Arañador
Electrical Engineer

About the Author

Franklin Vios is an author, public speaker and millennial father.

His success story as an author and stock market investor was featured in the newsletter of Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club. He’s one of the resource speakers for the Overseas Filipinos Summit 2018, the biggest online gathering hosted by Asia’s Writing Coach, Sha Nacino.

As a financial literacy advocate and IMG Member, he is passionate in helping people who are stuck in taking the first step to growing their finances.  

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