What Are Your Goals This 2020?

“Setting a goal should start by knowing your current situation.”

“To go to point B, you need to know your point A.”

“When you make dream, make sure that you can afford it.”

You must have heard all these advice. They’re everywhere. 

I tell you, don’t listen to this advice.

Or at least, take it with a grain of salt. 

Those advice need some updating.

Knowing your current situation, especially your financial capacity before you make any goal can sometimes limit you. You might feel that you should only limit your dreams based on your current capacity.

While it’s a practical advice, it is limiting you to achieve big dreams for yourself and your family. Before you even get started, you will have doubts about yourself. You will have limiting thoughts in your head like, “We can’t afford to have this? How can we afford to achieve these big dreams?”

Having this type of mindset at the beginning of your planning will lead you not achieving anything. 

Instead, start your plan by knowing your big dreams. It will define your whys. Your whys are your guide, goals and purpose.

Here’s Gardo…

Gardo swore he would never visit Manila.

“Why would I go there? It’s traffic and I don’t have money.”

When he turned 60 years old, he sold his cow so he could go to Manila.

So, what changed his mind?

He wanted to go to Manila to attend the graduation of her daughter.

It wasn’t because of money or the lack of. And I’m sure it wasn’t because the traffic has improved after 30 years.

Mr. Gardo finally had a purpose to be in Manila.

So, knowing your purpose will push you towards achieving your goal, regardless of the limitations you are currently facing.

Any limitations or lack of resources can’t hold you back. If you know the why first and if you believe in it so much, you will find a way to your how.

The how will unfold itself if you know your why.

So, now I ask you.

What are your goals, big dreams or ambitions this 2020?

I have something for you inside...

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