13 Stages of the 13th Month Pay of Pinoy Employees

Philippines is among the few countries that has a 13th month pay. Now that it’s the month of November, I can feel the smell of bonus. Many people will become (or appear) rich this time of the year. I’m excited!

If you are an employee, then this post is for you….

Stage 1: Hmmm...Denial

“Have you checked your 13th month in your payslip?” you asked your colleague.

And he’s like “Hmmm… I’m busy I have no time to think about that…” 

Stage 2: Realization

Then, suddenly, he realized  that it’s November. Eureka!

 “Oh yeah… that… 13th month…”

Stage 3: Hallucination

Then, he began seeing things…

“I wonder if I buy that… or that one….”

Stage 4: Imagination

And he began to imagine having vacation and all sorts of things…

“I deserve to pamper myself…”

Stage 5: Optimism

“I went to the ATM this morning… you know… just to check…”

And he began seeing good things…

Stage 6: Drooling

“Are you aware that SM is opening this weekend?” he began. “I heard they’re having up to 99% sale on all gadgets.”

Then, he went back to his computer to open Lazada Flash Sale…

Stage 7: Disappointment

“They said, it’s going to be released today. So, I went to the city, all dressed up, ready to splurge, and then I realized that I have no money in my ATM…”

Stage 8: Moving On

It’s shopping time! All disappointments are gone.

“Oh… I should get this fancy shades. It’s useless and I look stupid in these but it’s trendy and I have a lot of money now so I’m buying this.. and this.. and this…”

Stage 9: Party Time


Stage 10: Hangover

And he’s absent!

Stage 11: Diet Mode

“I’m not really hungry guys,” he said when you invited him for lunch.

Stage 12: Critical

This is a critical stage. You wait for the next payday to get back to your happy self. 

Stage 13: Back to Stage 0

Why are you doing this to me? I deserve to have a 14th month pay. Why do I need to wait for another 12 months? Whyyyyyyyy?


Friend, don’t be like most Pinoy Employees.

It’s okay to party. It’s okay to shop and pamper yourself.

But you have to be responsible in your spending.

Unless you want to be trapped in the unending cycle of waiting for the 13th month pay until you reach 60.

You know that there’s a better way. Because you’re smart and intelligent.

So, do the smart and intelligent move.

Grow your money. Grow your 13th month pay…

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